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After being out of pocket (and the country) for a month or so, the 3rd Tuesday of the month regular guest, Steven Raichlen re-joins the show! Steven has been in Italy (Turin, Rome and Naples) doing his first BBQ University class out of the country. He also spent some time in Portugal so we will learn about what kind of live-fire culture they have over there. July 4th saw the launch of the Project Fire TV show across the country. We might also discuss the benefits of cooking a whole beef tenderloin for your next upcoming party!

After Steven, Robyn Lindars (The Grill Girl) will make her usual appearance and we have PLENTY to cover since our visit last month. Robyn has left her Fort Lauderdale home and moved to her very rustic 20 acres of property that her and her husband Scott are going to transform from the ground up! We will be discussing her recent release of "Grill School" videos on YouTube. There are a number of short videos that take you through the grilling basics...from accessories to firing up the cooker for the first time, Robyn has you covered and there is NO cost to you!

First up in the 2nd hour, the Pitmaster of Sugars BBQ, Lynnae Oxley-Loupe stops by for a visit. Lynnae and some others will be on the new Food Network series "BBQ Brawl: Flay vs. Symon" which airs August 1st. It will air over the course of a few weeks to determine who is the best bbq/grilling cook. Lynnae will give us a little heads up from a contestant side and we will also talk about her growing BBQ catering business and sauce/rub business.

Helping me close the show tonight is the creator of "One Sauce", Deon Bloomenrader! Deon is our "BBQ Documentary" project in 2019 and has appeared during the course of the year to talk about his journey into the sauce business. He has been giving us a no-holds barred look into getting this project off the ground and tonight we see where he is in this effort!